Top 5 Best Universities in the World to Study Abroad

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There are many developed countries exist in the world. The developed countries show everything with complete and people facility and arrangements. From the best facilities the thing which is more important and relative is the education system of the country. There are many countries that are very strong and helpful regarding education system. In many countries we see that there are institutes exist that endeavor to provide their best efforts towards knowledge and study. Now, in this article we are going to discuss about the top ranked universities of the world. There are 5 top ranked Universities over the world are discussed here in this article. These are also known as the best destinations for study for the students all around the world.


1.       University of Oxford


From the top ranked Universities of the world the University of Oxford exists on number 1. Currently, there are more than 22,000 students are studying from the university of Oxford in undergraduate and postgraduate study programs. After six months of leaving the University the about 95% passed candidates get employment according to their field. There is very competitive admissions are held in the University of Oxford. In 2015, for 3,200 undergraduate programs there were 18, 300 applications submitted throughout the world. There are 41 % international students are studying in the University of Oxford.


2.       University of Cambridge


University of Cambridge lists at the second umber of the world top ranked universities. Currently, there are more than 18,000 students are attached with the university of Cambridge for the purpose of study. 150 academic departments and 31 colleges exist in the University of Cambridge. World’s famous scientists, politicians and cultural figure including Isaac Newton and Johan Harvard spent their time in Cambridge University. Every Year there a lot of applications come for submission in the University of Cambridge throughout the world. So, that is why the admission is so competitive in the University of Cambridge.


3.       California institute of Technology


California Institute of Technology is based from California, USA. Almost all kind of technology study programs are teaching in California Institute of Technology. There are 1,000 undergraduate students and over 1,250 postgraduate students are enrolled. For 2019 graduation program there were 6,506 applicants came across the world and they will be graduated in 2019. Every year more than half of the total students entertain with the financial aid. The total amount that devote for the financial aid to the students is $38,983.


4.       Stanford University


There are many start-ups and entrepreneurs have generated by Stanford University. This university played a well role in making the neighboring Silicon Valley. Every year a lot of Applications come for submission throughout the world in different kinds of study programs. Currently, there are 20 noble laureates are affiliated with the Stanford University. Currently, there are 7,000 undergraduate programs and 8,000 graduate programs are studying in the University of Stanford. There is amount of $1.22 Billion uses for research at Stanford and there are also more than 5000 projects are running through external funds. 


5.       Massachusetts Institute of Technology


This is another biggest institute of technology which has been running for middle of the 19th century. The thing which is the most important part of this institute is that the institute always endeavors to entertain the needed students with a proper financial aid. The admissions criteria in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is very competitive the idea of which we can grab from the fact there was only 8 percent students were selected for the graduate study programs for 2019. Graduates from this institute are now employed at the world’s top ranked companies like Google, Amazon and Apple.

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