Almost all kind of results about each and every subject/class is provided to the students all over the Pakistan at Education is a base of development and good wealth of any nation or country. So, that is why we can say that education is necessary for everyone. Today, in this modern era the world is growing day after day even minute after minute and the countries are running for their development same as the candidates run in the field of race. Those candidates achieve the target first who run with the first step of the race. The same thing is comes to see in the development or growth of the world. And, no doubt, today the thing that makes you perfect in the worldly race is the education. Educated nations can change the mood/nature of world. Non-educating countries show unemployment, low rate of business development, less development of social and environment behavior. All these causes make a country/Nation weak and financially poor.


Pakistan is one of the most beautiful countries of the world. Now, we take a view on the literacy rate of Pakistan than it comes to see that literacy rate as low as 51.5 percent, (63.7 for males & 39.2% for females). But, from the several past years we see that people are becoming aware about the value and importance of education. This awareness poured to the people’s mind by the Introduced Education system in Pakistan. Yes!! Education system in Pakistan is working well for the prosperity and improvement of education. Now, in these days the Boards examination system is running in the Pakistan for conducting exams and for declaring result. It provides a crystal cleared education system that encourages the people more to be attentive towards education system.


The main event from whole of the education or examination process is the results of examination. For viewing the result provides you the best platform where the students can get the result just after announcing from the relevant board. Result for all class i.e. schools, colleges’ classes, university’ results and technical collages’ results we provide to the students. Students can get the result from Primary level to Maters level results i.e. 5th class, 8th class, 9th class, 10th class, Intermediate 1st year, Intermediate 2nd year (F.A & F.Sc), Bachelor 1st year, Bachelor 2nd year (B.A & B.Sc), Master 1st year, Master 2nd year (M.A & M.Sc). Moreover, for the good convenience of the students M.CAT & E.CAT and other important results are also declared at



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