Scholarship provides national as well as international students grants and loan programs that help students to get their further education. Actually the main hesitation that a student feels regarding the studies is the cost of the studies. But there is always a financial aid program is available for the students to meet with their needs. For international students the study will become, sometimes, more cheaply as they think because international scholarship provides such financial aid which students use to meet the expenses of traveling, courses, Books, accommodation etc. However, there are some different kinds of scholarship programs exist for International students. These scholarships programs are included on Merit Based Scholarships Student specific scholarships Destination specific scholarships Program Specific Scholarships Subject specific Scholarships. For further detail and info feel free to contact us.

Latest Scholarships

Pharmacy Undergraduate Scholarships for International Students 2019 in Australia

The Monash University of Australia is offering Pharmacy International Undergraduate Merit Scholarship program to international students who are looking for some financial assistance in their course tuition fee in Australia. This program is offering…

posted by AnjumAnjum posted by Anjum31-July-2019
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SHS International Excellence Postgraduate Scholarships in UK, 2019

SHS International Excellence Scholarships program, at City, University of London, is offering an exceptional opportunity for international students who are willing to pursue a master degree in the UK. The brightest international candidates who…

posted by AnjumAnjum posted by Anjum30-July-2019
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Master's Scholarships for International Students 2019-2020 by CMU in Australia

CMU Australian Scholarships programs are offering by The Carnegie Mellon University, Australia for international students to complete their higher education degree with a bright future in Australia. The attraction of international students to pursue…

posted by AnjumAnjum posted by Anjum29-July-2019
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Strategic Research Scholarships in China for International Students 2019

The University of Nottingham, China is offering a fortuitous opportunity to Chinese as well as international high achieving Ph.D. candidates to apply for the Strategic Research Scholarships program. All the Chinese and international students…

posted by AnjumAnjum posted by Anjum26-July-2019
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Merit based Accounting Scholarships for International Students 2019 by The ANU

Outstanding Research School of Accounting South East Asia merit scholarships program for international candidates is offering by The Australian National University, Australia. These Undergraduate Scholarships or Master Scholarships are offering…

posted by AnjumAnjum posted by Anjum23-July-2019
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UBC Killam Doctoral Scholarships for Pakistani Students 2019 in Canada

The University of British Columbia is offering Killam Doctoral Scholarships to Canadian as well as international candidates. These Doctoral or Ph.D. Scholarships are going to offer the candidates who are brilliant…

posted by AnjumAnjum posted by Anjum20-July-2019
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Postgraduate Scholarships in Australia for International Students 2019 by QUT

Want to pursue your career in the field of accountancy? The Queensland University of Technology is supporting you to follow your passion. The Queensland University of Technology is offering Postgraduate Scholarships to Australian as…

posted by AnjumAnjum posted by Anjum19-July-2019
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Doctoral Scholarships for Pakistani Postgraduate Students 2019 at University of Canterbury

All those students who have the desire to pursue their higher education in the University of Canterbury are to inform with good news that you can finance your studies with William and Ina…

posted by AnjumAnjum posted by Anjum18-July-2019
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