Study in Canada


To experience vastly different natural and cultural adventures -- from the ski slopes of British Columbia into the prairie province of Manitoba, with cities like Toronto, Montréal, Vancouver and Quebec famously friendly, tolerant and multicultural.

Canada is famous for its natural beauty -- several countries in the world can boast anything near its abundance of forests, mountains and lakes -- and for its multicultural diversity. The country has official bilingual status, with English and French used simultaneously in government and official records.

World's second-largest nation, it has a population bigger than that of only one US state, California) and for its harsh winters. In certain parts of Canada, snow covers the ground for nearly half the year -- but you are not likely to discover any Canadian universities in these areas!

How to Apply

If You Would like to travel to Canada for purposes other than Business or pleasure, you're expected to apply for a visa in the proper class, such as study or temporary work.
• Go to your children or grandchildren
• Visit on business
• Extend your stay
• Traveling through Canada without visiting
• Need Help?

Document Required

In way to apply for your visa, you will need to follow the steps given below;


Step 1:

Read full information on the visa/permit requirements on The IRCC site and download the proper application forms and checklist applicable to the purpose of your trip. Please refer to the "VISA TYPES" page to get details on visas/permits.

Step 2:

Complete the application form and other relevant documents

Types (including the barcoded sheets) are to be published on a White, bond quality, non-glossy paper, with a laser printer.
If you can’t provide all of the supporting documents as Mentioned in the official IRCC record checklist, you're required to complete and sign the waiver form and attach it along with your application form.

The result of additional delays or denial of your application for a visa, permit or travel document.

Step 3:

Read the attached privacy policy, complete the VFS Consent
IMPORTANT: If a signed and completed VFS consent form is not included with the program, we won't be able to aid you, and your application will be returned to you.

Step 4:

Pay visa fees according to directions in the Canadian Visa Office website.
Please note that when submitting an application through the CVAC, In person or by email, visa fees should be paid in addition to CVAC (VFS International) service fee.

Step 5:

Visit your Regional Canada Visa Application Centre (CVAC), make Sure you bring your passport, photos, completed forms and all supporting documents according to checklist and IRCC fee instrument and payment instructions. Applicable service fees will be levied. Please make certain you bring an accepted method of payment.

Step 6:

Once you’re in CVAC, cover the service fees, hand your complete application and receive a receipt. This receipt contains the unique tracking number that you'll have to monitor the progress of your application online.
Enjoy the numerous opportunities which Canada has to offer, such as seeing family and friends.

Visa Fees & Processing Time


Have enough money to cover you’re:

• tuition fees
• living expenses
• You must have no criminal record against your title
• Medical examination, if needed.
• Convince the immigration official you will leave Canada in the Following cases.


Your course of study lasts six months or less, you don't need a study permit. You, however, have to finish your study within the period authorized for your stay in Canada.

But if you apply to primary or secondary schools in Canada, you do not need to include the DLI amount as these associations are automatically designated.