Study in China


Now in these days the China has become the most popular Study Abroad destination for all the international student especially Pakistani students. No doubt, China offers a good quality education the idea of which we can take from the fact that there was more than 320,000 students get enrolment from different 180 countries. Moreover, China is a rich country with amazing history and exciting culture. However, following are the reasons described that will make you sure that why China is considered as the best study abroad destination.


1)  Top Ranked Universities


From the World Top Rated Universities Chinese universities also have the significant positions. From the top 100 to 500 universities the Chinese are most nominated or prominent universities. For instance Tsinghua University ranks at number 48 throughout the world and Peking University has ranked at number 71 throughout the world. These universities because of the good teaching methods and high quality education got the reasonable and standard able positions. 


2)  A Variety of Faculties


There are a large number of universities are located in China and there are universities that are specified by the specific faculties. It is true that there are almost all the faculties are teaching by the different universities. Students can easily find their chosen faculty or study area.  


3)  Affordable


As compared to other advanced and well developed countries the China is most reasonable and affordable one country. International students including Pakistani students are asked to pay from $400 to $2,200 as per year tuition fee. This difference in amount comes to see according to faculty and university. Moreover, an international student can bear whole of the monthly expenditures from $400 to $500.


4)  Career Advantages


Chinese educational degree is considered as much more valuable. It bestows the international students a good ranked at not only their local countries but this offers a reasonable place throughout the world. International students on behalf of Chinese educational degree get the good place and attractive career prospectus in the future timing. 


5)  Learn Mandarin


Chinese language Mandarin is speaking by 198.4 million people and it is considered as the 2nd most popular speaking language in the world. Study in China offers you to learn the world’s most popular and highly speaking language. This also enhances the value of your resume and personality.


6)  Amazing Culture


Chinese are most cultural they live everywhere they never forget their culture. They show an excited culturism that international students can experience as living in China during their study session. Chinese show a 5000 year old history. Moreover, the amazing festivals and traditional aspects make china distinctive from all over the world. 


7)  A Place of Tourism


China has many tourist attractions because of which there are a large number or thousands of tourists every year attract towards China. These attractions are included on the great China Wall, Forbidden City, Terracotta Army, and West Lake, Victoria Harbor. Moreover, it is the place where giant pandas inhabit. All these are the good reasons to visit China and a student can avail the opportunity to visit all these wonders of China.  


8)  Safe Country


No doubt, China is considered as the safest country where the criminal rates are too low and reach to none. Anyhow, the unexpected events come to appear in life and to prepare for these incidents everyone keeps his/herself all the time ready. Here are the Things Not to Do during Study Abroad for international students.


9)  Chinese Cuisine, Awesome!


When it comes to listen about the Chinese cuisine every one shows mouth-watering at every single cuisine. A survey of the expert reveals that as living in China one must eat the things like Sweet and Sour Sauces, Mapo doufu, Wonton, Peking duck, Xiaolongbao, Stuffing and some others. Study abroad tour in China will also bestow you to eat these delicious cuisines.


10)  Scholarships Programs


Chinese Government and some private organizations including private sector universities too always show a great interest to promote the education level throughout the world. For this purpose international students get Study Scholarships through governmental and private organizations. Scholarships in China are of different kinds and these pay to the students under several circumstances.

How to Apply


So you have decided about China after knowing the beautiful and valuable facts about China. But the thing that you will face at very next step is that how to apply for Chinese Universities? Well do not be worried at all because we are here to direct you on the right way to make your dreams come true. After going through the following mentioned steps one will submit the admission proposal to the Chinese university.


Program Selection


First of all the students go to choose the study program. The students are to be suggested to choose the program that is suitable for you and for which you have the taste and ability to do. Think twice instead thrice before making your study program final.


Institute Selection


After choosing the subject the very next step that students have to choose is the institute or university. In case of China we know there are a large number of institutes and universities are placed in China and the students can find the subject and faculty specified universities in China. The students are to be suggested that must apply for one more than one universities that are best according to your chosen subject.


Beat the Criteria


Every single university offers admission according to its specific requirements and criteria. Students, for getting admission, must meet and beat this criterion in anyway. Otherwise they will be rejected. So, the students are highly recommended that they first checkout the criteria of the university for which they want to apply. In case of beating the criteria must apply otherwise move somewhere else university in China. 


Look for Deadlines


The students are to be informed that they must notice about the deadlines for admissions declared by the Universities they have chosen. In china the universities offer admissions round the year and in some cases there are universities offer admission twice a year. The universities offer admission twice a year usually offer as fall semester and spring semester session or admission. For fall study session the students are asked to apply by 30th of April and for spring study session the students are asked to apply by 15th of July. Moreover, for confirm date the students will contact to their chosen university directly.


Finally Apply Now


So, once you have decided, your course of study and university has also done by you. You are meeting completely with the required criteria and you have also confirmed about the deadlines and application process times then you are allowed to applying for. Applicants apply directly to the universities through online applications. Another way to apply for Chinese university is to apply through China University Application Centre (CUAC). However, for the convenience of the students they are asked to apply through the consultants. Here you can also find the Best Pakistani Study Abroad Consultants for safe application procedure.


After Submitting Application


After submitting the proposal the students are asked to wait for the university response. In case you have selected you will receive an acceptance or admission letter from university where you did apply. The students after getting the acceptance or admission letter are asked to apply for Study Visa

Document Required

In way to apply for your visa, you will need to follow the steps given below;


  • Passport Size Photo 
  • Valid passport (Photocopy)
  • Personal Identity Card
  • Academic transcripts and previous degree diploma
  • Proof of Health (Certification)
  • Certification for criminal records clearance
  • Language Proficiency certificates (Chinese/English)
  • Letter or recommendation/guarantee
  • Proof of financial support


Documents for Visa Application


Following documents are required while applying for Chinese Universities:


  • Original and photocopy of acceptance letter from Chinese University
  • Passport size photo
  • Valid Passport
  • Proof visa fee paying 
  • Proof of residence permit (if required)
  • Proof of air ticket and accommodation.
  • Physical examination record

Visa Fees & Processing Time


Types of Student Visas:


There are generally two types of Chinese Student Visa exist. These are comprised on X1 visa and X2 Visa.


X1 Visa: This is short term or short stay visa which allows the students to get stay for less than 180 days.


X2 Visa: This is long term or long stay visa which allows the students to get stay for more than 180 days.


Process Time:


The process runs through the 4 working days a week, moreover, the candidates can also use the services like express service or rush service for getting rapid response. Applicants can apply through direct embassy, private consultants, CUAS and study abroad agents and through their relatives and friends.


Visa Fee:


The Visa fee ranges from $30 to $90. The difference comes according to the visa type and country type.