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The Sweden universities system is among the best regarded academic systems in Northern Europe. Sweden has roughly five-hundred master’s degree programs in the English language, everything from legislation to humanities. Programs are placed together to meet 'enrollees' needs.


Home Permit for Studies in Sweden 


If you're contemplating studying in Sweden, you will be relieved to know that Sweden has a clear easy-to-follow process to apply for Study in Sweden. One great Benefit of being granted a residence permit for studies in Sweden is that you have the right to work in Sweden while you study!


Retaining foreign talent so you will be able to keep in Sweden 6 months after graduation to apply for jobs in Sweden. 

Do I need a student visa to study in Sweden? 


In Sweden, students apply for a residence permit for the paperwork that you need to complete to study in Sweden varies depending on whether you are an EU/EEA/Nordic citizen, citizen of Switzerland, or not. The length of time less than or more than three months you'll be studying in Sweden can also have an influence on whether or not you'll need to apply for a visa or register with the Swedish Migration Board.

How to Apply


Look for the programs offered by the universities

The first step is to look for the Swedish universities and their available course choices. Look for the applications and the courses you're concerned to study. Start looking for the better choice and collect all of the information regarding the options.

After choosing the level, learn about various universities in Sweden to think about the best among all. Also, read the testimonials and the pupil stories for the inspiration.

Select the Course

Look online for the offered course from the various universities of Sweden. There are nearly 1000 programs are delivered to the bachelor's and the master's degree. You're also able to search the listing of those programs offers by the selected university in their official site. You're permitted to select 4 master classes as well as the 8 bachelors programs within an application round.

The listing of programs that begins during fall can be found on 1sth December in the universities for the aid of the students. Search it and make your fantasies come true.

Before the application, be certain that you're having the certification of the English Proficiency examination ahead of time. This will help in getting the results in time. Search about how to apply for the amount from the Sweden universities and collect all the necessary information and specific details required for the study.

Request Scholarship

There are various universities that offer a scholarship to international students. This is a powerful way to finance the studies. Look for the options of the various universities for choosing the institute. This will also help to understand more about the deadlines and apply for the program. Bear in mind that a number of the scholarships are only applicable for certain programs.

The scholarships provided to the students of developing countries for master's students. If you're planning to get admission in the Sweden Institute for scholarship, use for the program before deadlines. 15 January is the last date for submitting the charges.

Application Entry by 16 January

The most programs starting in the universities in Swedish for fall 2017 starts submitting the program from 16 January. To prevent the last minute stress it's good suggestions to apply for the program before deadlines. Tender the application form with a fee from the expected date of 1st February.

Wait for the Reply

Cross your finger after applying for the program. The effect of selection will be exhibited late March 2017 in which you come to understand that if the college will accept your offer or not.

Document Required

In way to apply for your visa, you will need to follow the steps given below;


Sweden Visa Application Records and Requirements for UK Residents

  • Your passport was issued within the past 10 years.
  • Your passport has two completely blank pages, one for the visa stamp and an extra spare page.
  • Your passport will be valid for at least three (3) months following the date you depart the Schengen Area.
  • The United Kingdom residency permit must be supported in the actual passport (or on a new biometric ID card).
  • You may also use via 3rd party sites similar to this one here. You need to pay another fee for their services, but they'll also assist you with Appointment booking, Documents checking, Visa program in addition to with Visa and Passport collection. To find out more, please click here!
  • One photograph, which has to be glued to the application form. Programs with stapled photos will be rejected.
  • Biometric data: (This requirement only applies if you have not supplied biometric data within the past 59 months):
  • Fingerprints (Note: Children under the age of 12 are exempted from supplying fingerprints)
  • Copy of the passport bio page where the photograph is included.
  • A cover letter describing the purpose of the trip to the Schengen area.
  • Proof of travel agreements: Roundtrip flight/travel reservations or alternative proof of planned transportation and total itinerary of your visit to Sweden (if a few Schengen States will probably be seen or whether the trip covers the several Schengen States and non-Schengen countries).
  • Travel Insurance stating that you are covered in case of a health emergency and repatriation not just in Sweden but in the total Schengen zone (minimum coverage of $ 30.000).
  • Holders of diplomatic, passports and Relatives of EU/EEA citizens are exempted from providing evidence of travel medical insurance.

Invitation in the host (family member, friend) using a copy of their passport

A recent announcement of UK bank account for the past few months which shows SEK 450 (40#) daily per day spent in Sweden, or

Note: Money isn't considered evidence of financial subsistence.

Note: Photocopies of the original documents should also be filed and files shouldn't be more than 1 month old.

The files listed above are files required in most circumstances, no matter the purpose of your trip in Sweden. Based on your job status, here's a list of additional files that are required for your visa application:

Particularly for foreign students:

No-objection certification from school or university.

Visa Fees & Processing Time


Visa Processing Time 

Considering all visas applications are sent to Sweden, the Visa is processed in about 90 days. But it might take longer and you are advised to start the Process when possible. 

Additionally, a paper program takes considerably longer than an online program. Hence, students are advised to opt for ONLINE Application. 

Visa Fees 

The Visa Fee for Residence Permit for Study functions for Sweden at SEK 1,000 at the current exchange rate. Students are required to create an online payment for the same by using a Visa or a MasterCard. (Both Credit and Bank/Debit Cards are acceptable). 

Pay the processing fee - Note that when submitting an application through the VFS, in person or by mail, visa fees should be paid along with VFS Global service The processing fee is nonrefundable in all instances.

If your spouse/common-law spouse and/or children are accompanying you and You're applying for temporary resident visas, work permits or Study permits for Them, then you'll have to pay the right processing fees for them.