Study in Turkey


After taking the view on this page you will be able to know whether Turkey is a good study abroad destination or it’s nothing instead the waste of time. However, we inform you that Turkey offers much reason to caption it as a favorite study abroad destination. Every single city in Turkey shows the distinct spiritual and physical features. Anyhow, the below mentioned reasons will probably enough to explain that what services Turkey offers as a study abroad destination.


1) Good Quality Education


From the last few decades Turkey is listing in the countries that are considerably best in offering good quality education. The idea about the good quality education by Turkish Universities we can take from the fact that according to The Times Higher Education BRICS & Emerging Economies 2014 ratings, the list of top100 world universities comprised 07 Turkish universities. 03 Universities laid in the list of top 10 worlds’ universities.


According to the QS Ranking there are 09 Turkish universities exist in the list of top 800 universities of the world. Moreover, by METU Informatics Institute ranking amongst the top 1000 best universities in the world 19 are the Turkish Universities. Here you can find the Top Universities in Turkey for Pakistani Students.


2) A Platform of Scholarship


It is the secret dream of every single student to get the opportunity of higher education at abroad. Is there any person exists who does not show the wish to study in the worlds’ top rated universities? None of such a student exists. But, it is not an easy deal for every single student to get the study abroad opportunity. However, turkey is the destination that offers the Turkish Scholarship Programs to give the chances to the deserving student. In case to provide the Scholarships to maintain the good level of education Turkey is considered as the house of scholarship.


3) Variety of Programs


There are more than 54,000 international students are studying in Turkey. The large number of students in Turkey has become possible just because of the variety of programs. International students can take the admission in any field they are looking for. Undergraduate degree programs, postgraduate degree programs, short courses, certification studies, associate digress and short courses all categories offer to the international students by Turkish Universities.


4) Multiculturism


Turkey is the intersecting point of Europe and Asia. Moreover, it is more closely to Africa. So, we can experience the people of different cultures there. Due to varieties of cultures and faiths most of the people safe it like a home place.


5) Friendly People


Loving nature and hospitality is the identity of the Turkish People. When you will be there you will experience that soon you will be invited for tea and breakfast even after the single greeting with the Turkish locals.


6) Delicious Food


Turkish cuisines are just amazing. You will be served with savory pastries and kebabs in the streets of Istanbul. Fresh fish, stuffed mussels, grilled corn and others are the Turkish cosines that are mouthwatering.


7) Natural Wonders


A coastline, with more than 5,000 miles broad area, wets by the four different largest seas makes Turkish a wonder land. The Mediterranean, Aegean, black sea and small sea are the reasons of its wonder. Moreover, the Kaçkar Mountains placed in the North-East areas offers the paradise to the hikers through beautiful valleys and other sceneries. 


8) English is Broadly Spoken


The courses that are largely growing are teaching in English language by several of Turkish universities. Moreover, there English learning programs also offered. English speaking communities also overcome in major cities and especially at the visitors’ resorts.


9) An Affordable Student Destination


Turkey is considered as the affordable place to live during study stay. The idea of the fact we can calculate that Turkey places amongst the countries that are known as cheapest to live in the world.


10) A Door To Your Dream Career


Turkish Universities offer the degrees acceptable throughout the world. As these acceptable throughout the world then, obviously, these will open the doors for you to start sound career.

How to Apply

So, for the above mentioned detail or aspects about study in Turkey you will, probably, have decided to take Turkey as your favorite study abroad destination. Now, if you are looking to apply for admission in any Turkish University then let me show you that how you will apply for admission. The following steps will direct you towards the right pathway for safe submission:


Search For the Right Degree First


Higher education in Turkey is not so different. However, it is quite similar to the education system of other European Countries. The Turkish Universities offer 3 levels of higher education. These levels include on Bachelor, Master and PhD Degree Programs. Students have to choose the right degree before applying. One more thing it does not matter at which you are going to apply. Students have to apply for the degree for which they really have good taste and strong background.


University Selection


Once you have selected the degree program then you have to choose the right university. The common one suggestion for the students is to apply for the university which is best according to their selected programs. Following are the top universities in Turkey:


1.       Sabanci University

2.       Koc University

3.       Bilkent University

4.       Bogazici University

5.       Hacettepe University

6.       Istanbul Technical University

7.       METU Middle East Technical University  

8.       Atilim University

9.       Erciyes University

10.     Gebze Technological University


Learn About the Admission Requirements


Students have to meet or beat the admission criteria for getting safe admission in the selected university.  Every university requires different kinds of requirements. These requirements differ from university to university, study programs to study program and study subject to study subject. For this purpose students have to contact with the university for which they want to apply.


Apply Online Application


Once, you have decided your study program. You also decided about the university and you also meeting with the required criteria. Then, obviously, you have to apply for. There are different procedures different countries and universities offer. Most of the Turkish universities offer admission through online procedure. Moreover, if you want to get further query about the study in Turkey you can also contact with Pakistan’s Top Study Abroad Consultants. All these are registered here with




Applicants must know about the deadlines before going to apply for admission. Following deadlines are described that are announced by Turkish universities:  


  • Undergraduate: Students who are going to apply for undergraduate programs must apply before 1st of August.
  • Graduate: Students who are going to apply for graduate programs must apply before the following deadlines:
  • For fall Semester: Apply Till May
  • For spring Semester: Apply Till December


After Submission


Once, you have to submit your proposal you have to be patient for the response of university. Once, you have selected by the university then you will get an acceptance letter from the university. On behalf of this acceptance letter you will be apply to apply for Turkish Student Visa.

Document Required

In way to apply for your visa, you will need to follow the steps given below;


  • Application form.
  • Previous Academic Degree.
  • Transcript or records.
  • A statement of i.e. your presentation about project and motivation (For Graduate Students).
  • Updated CV.
  • English Language Proficiency Test Proof especially IELTS or TOEFL.
  • Written Exam or Interview (If Required).
  • Letter of References (IF Required).
  • Proof of financial support.


To apply for Turkish Student Visa you have to gather and apply the following the documents:


  • Passport with validation of at least 90 days.
  • 02 recent passport size photographs.
  • Letter of acceptance from any recognized Turkish University.
  • Proof of health insurance.
  • Proof of airfares.
  • Evidence of sufficient expenditure for having sound stay in Turkey during study.
  • Medical Certificates.
  • Police Clearance Certificate.

Visa Fees & Processing Time


All the International students including Pakistani students required visa for having study stay in Turkey. Students have to apply visa by their own at the nearest consulate in their town. However, if you are not familiar that how to apply for Visa then you can get the services of Study Abroad Consultants here. These consultants are registered with us at


Process Time:


It generally takes almost 8 weeks to get Turkish Student Visa after submitting the application. The student visa for Turkey remains valid till your enrollment in the Turkish University.


Visa Fee:


Turkish Student Visa fee vary from nationality to nationality. However, for a Pakistani student single entry student visa is available in $48.