Study in UK


At the time to choose the study abroad destination everyone thinks consciously. It is true that study abroad is not an easy deal. So, that’s why everyone takes it a big challenge to choose the best destination. If your point of discussion is United Kingdom UK but you are not yet satisfied whether the idea would be benefited or a kind of defeat. Then let us show that how could UK treat you as a foreign students. Before choosing UK as your study abroad destination must take a view on the following motioned aspects about the UK: 


1) Worldwide Recognition


Universities and other institutes based from UK recognize at worldwide level. From the Worlds’ Top Ranked Universities University of Oxford and University of Cambridge placed on the 5th and 6th positions respectively. You can take the idea about perfection of the education system in UK by this fact. Moreover, you earn the degree from UK is acceptable all over the world. A degree from UK is the great selling point in the future around the world.


2) A Growing Destination


In the UK the international students have been seeing with great presence for the years ago. Presently, the presence of the international students is growing on the large scale. Currently, in 2019 the UK is still the second largest destination for study abroad. To meet with the growing demand of the foreign education system UK is working hard.


3) Variety of Study Programs


Every single faculty do you want to study in UK you can find easily. Plenty of study programs offer by the several universities in UK. There are countless higher education institutes are located in UK. A variety of undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate and even doctoral degree subjects are teaching in UK. One of the most mentionable things about UK education system is that it offers one year master degree program the example of which you can never find anywhere else.


4) Gateway to Europe


UK lies at the position from which the access towards Europe is pretty easy. From UK to anywhere in the Europe one can get an easy access. By using trains or different airlines within hours you can travel around the Europe from UK. The bet example is that the students from London or Manchester at the weekend eve can make the tour to Italy. Within two hours by Ryan Airline the students can get the direct flight to Rome, Milan, Pisa and some other cities of Italy.


5) Multicultural Experience


Due to its multicultural society the UK is well known place around the world. Almost all the religions and faith represent by UK. The place of worships for many of the regions one can find easily as living in UK. Islamic Society, Churches, Judaism, Buddhist society and all other major worship places are located there. Moreover, the people you can see there with different languages, customs, religions and cultures leave a great impact on your life experience.


6) Scholarship/Loans


It is always difficult to finance a foreign education. The best approaches are to prepare themselves with a heavy budget or to make hard work in searching Study Scholarships or loans. All the International students are to be informed that there is a variety of Scholarship Programs In UK exists. Moreover, the loan opportunities are also available by UK government and some other organizations.


7) Arts & Entertainment


UK is never less known name in Arts and Entertainment. An internationally acclaimed creative industry exists in UK. This industry constantly generated the global talents. These talents are included on Beatles, J.K Rowling, Sean Connery, Vivienne Westwood and Demin Hirst etc. if you have love about music then London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and Cardiff are called as the houses of several world class music concerts. These are also known as the platforms to celebrate the country festivals and other entertainment activities.


8) Language Proficiency


During your study stay in UK you are asked to study in English language. The Pakistani students are not less familiar with the English language. In the Pakistan the Language is considered as the Official one. So, while studying in English language one can get eh command in the language to such an extent that you can speak it just like a native English speaker.


9) Safe & Healthy Environment


For international students UK is known as the safest environment or place to live. Students always feel themselves safe in the countries in UK. It is seen that the crime rate are relatively less in UK. Moreover, the students for more safety are advised to get on campus accommodation.


10) Work & Career Opportunities


UK also offers the part time working opportunities to the international students. This opportunity offered to meet with the basic living requirements during study abroad. International students are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week. 

How to Apply

We are sure after knowing these above mentioned attractive aspects about UK; you have decided to go there. Now, how to apply for UK universities is the very next challenge you have to face. If you are also thinking about this step then let us show a fine way to apply for UK University. This complete guide will make you enable to submit your proposal for admission in UK Universities:


Program Selection


You are going to abroad for study, right? But the very first thing you have to ask about yourself is that what are you doing to study for? It means make a mindset for a suitable study program. The best suggestion for he students is to choose the subject for which you have the real taste. Moreover, the students are also suggested to choose university which is best according to their selected program.


Institute Selection


After choosing the subject the students have to choose the institute. There are a number of institutes or universities are placed in UK. There is almost every single faculty offered by the universities of UK. One can find every single faculty for which he has taste.


Beat the Criteria


Specific criteria every single university offers to the international students. Students must beat the criteria for getting admission in the university. Students must keep the thing into mind that without beating the criteria they are not able to get admission. Students are asked that they first checkout completely about the criteria and then apply. Applicants must keep it in note that the selection criteria very strict. If you are not matching then do not apply.




Students are asked to have the complete info about the admission deadlines and must apply according to the instruction by the university for which they want to apply. Note that a minor mistake can be render to waste your time. Following is the deadline process to apply for admission in UK:


  • Admission opens in the month of September.
  • For EU Nationals the last date for application submission is January 15th.
  • Main Application deadline is June 30th.
  • The clearing process runs from June 3th to September 30th


Apply Now


Applicants will go through the “University and College Admission Service, UCAS” (A UK Based organization for international students’ admission). Students can find the further detail and can also apply for admission at Moreover, the students who are facing any trouble while applying through UCAS, they are asked to contact with consultants. Here The Pakistan’s Best Study Abroad Consultants you can find. These are best in offering the fine detail and can also make your study abroad case easy.


After Submission


After submitting the application the students are asked to be patient. Just wait for the university response. Once you have selected by the university you will get an acceptance letter or admission letter from the university. After getting acceptance letter students will apply for UK Student Visa

Document Required

In way to apply for your visa, you will need to follow the steps given below;


  • Traveling documents.
  • Previous academic records.
  • Academic transcripts.
  • Letters or recommendation.
  • Working experience (if required).
  • Resume.
  • Personal Statement (motivational letter)
  • Bank Account statement which will show that you can afford the expenses of study in UK.

 Following are the documents required to apply for UK Student Visa:


  • Detail about travelling documents i.e. Passport.
  • Recent photograph x01.
  • Acceptance or confirmation letter from any UK university.
  • Proof of English Language Proficiency is necessary. For this purpose the students are asked to apply the test or certifications i.e. IELTS, TOEFL.


A proof of financial support is necessary. For this purpose students will submit the proof in the form of bank account statement or they can also submit a letter from their financial sponsor. Make it sure that your financial status show that an amount from £1,015 to £1,265 as living cost you have.

Visa Fees & Processing Time



Types Of UK Student Visas:

There are four types of UK Student Visas Exist:

Short Term Study Visa – If you are 18+ and want to study for up to 11 months for short courses in UK then you have to apply for short term Visa.


Tier 4 Sponsor License – This student visa is for the students who are going to apply for long term study courses.


Tier 4 (Child) Student Visa – Students who are between the ages of 4 to 17 and want to study in an independent school are asked to apply for this visa.


Tier 4 (General) Student Visa – Students who are 16 years or above age are asked to apply for this visa.


Process Time:

Usually it takes about 15 to 30 days process to get student visa. The days difference or process time difference comes according t the type of visa.


 Visa Fee:


Short Term Study Visa – £97

Tier 4 Sponsor License – £536

Tier 4 (Child) Student Visa – £97

Tier 4 (General) Student Visa – £348