Study in USA


Everyone takes it as a big challenge to go abroad for Study and looks on every single aspect with great consciousness. If you are in the same situation then it is not the exceptional state of condition. Currently, the topic of discussion is USA. United States are the most beautiful places around the globe. The unique history and top museum, the new experience and adventures of life, the evolving lifestyle, the friendly people, the delicious cuisines and a variety of culture all are the aspects that tempt you to visit there in USA. Instead all of these temptations another mentionable one is the education system of USA.


Following Reasons Will Tempt You To Study In USA:


  • Top Rated Universities: From the Top 100 Universities Of The World US universities occupy more than half of the figure. In addition, the first 04 universities, from this list, also based from USA.


  • A Worldwide Renowned Education System: A higher education degree from US University allows you to take the prestigious position around the globe. Moreover, the good quality education with the broaden thinking to overcome the worldly pursuits allows us to call the education system is renowned over the world. 


  • A Diverse Range of Study Programs: There are over 4000 institutes are located in USA. In such a way there is diverse range of study programs we find by these US Institutes. So, one can take the admission in any single study program in USA.


  • Technological Environment: The higher level education sectors are highly equipped with the latest technology. This reason allows the students to take simple and easy access towards the solution. This is the reason USA takes pride on being the technological environment. 


  • A House of Research: The US education system allows the students to take part to assist the professors with research based projects. Moreover, they work as an assistant of the professors. In this way they work with the highly qualified faculty to broaden their ways of thinking and skill set.


  • Multiculturism: According the recent surveys report, there are over 43 million people have migrated to USA. To live in USA means to meet with the people of different nationalities and cultures. This is the plus point for the students to broaden their views about the world.


  • Part Time Job Opportunity: International students are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week during their study stay in USA. It is the way to minimize the issues of expenditures as living in USA.


  • Career Opportunity: According to recent survey 3.3% decrement comes to see in the unemployment rate of USA. It means there   are more opportunities are coming to get a good career prospect.


USA Scholarships: There are different USA Scholarship Programs you find there that strongly assist the students to earn their degrees easily. In some cases the students are awarded with Full Fee Scholarships Program which is the best step by the US Government to promote education system throughout the world.

How to Apply

Apply to USA universities for admission as an international student is not as confusing as you think. Anyhow, students go through several parts to apply for a US university. However, we guide our students to apply through a safe application process.


Step1:  Explore University


First of all choose the university. Things you have to be noticed are location, expenditures, study programs and campus life of the school at which you are going to apply for. In this way you can narrow the list of universities. Here you can find Top US universities.


Step2: Appear for the SAT


SAT score does matter to apply for several US Universities. Students appear for SAT to examine their skills in major subjects for which they want to apply.


Step3: Examine Admission Requirements


During making admission decisions universities in USA look at several factors including recommendation letters, Language proficiency test, previous academic scores, and some others. Before going to apply make it sure that you are fulfilling the admission requirements.


Step4: Go Through a Financial Plan


Before going to apply figure out the admission fee, living expenses and other costs you will face while living there in USA.


Step5: Gather Your Application


Every single part of application is important. Figure out that you have completed all the application supporting documents before going to apply.


Step6: Apply Now


Now submit your application. There are several services help you to apply for multiple universities including Universal College Application, Coalition Application, or Common Application etc.


Step7: Fulfill the requirements of Student Visa


Once, you will get the acceptance letter from any recognized university you will be able to apply for US Student Visa on behalf of this acceptance letter. 

Document Required

In way to apply for your visa, you will need to follow the steps given below;


Following are the documents required to apply for Admission in USA Universities:


  • Letter of recommendation (LOR, 02 or 03).
  • English Language proficiency Certificate i.e. IELTS, TOEFL or GMAT.
  • Academic transcripts.
  • Work experience (if any).
  • Photocopies of travel documents (passport).
  • WES Evaluation documents (if required).
  • Statement of purpose (SOP).
  • Essays
  • Updated Resume.


Following are the documents required to apply for USA Student Visa:


  • Acceptance letter or admission letter from recognized USA University.
  • Valid travel document i.e. passport with at least 06 months validity.
  • Copy and Original of fee deposit slip.
  • Copy and Original I-20 form issued from university.  
  • Bank account statement of at least 3 years (that will show you can afford study expenses)
  • Copy and Original transcripts or marks sheet.


Certificate of English Language proficiency (IELTS, TOEFL or GMAT).

Visa Fees & Processing Time


There are three types of USA student visa exist:


  • F1 Visa: Long term student visa.
  • J1 Visa: Exchange student visa.
  • M1 Visa: Vocational training or nonacademic student visa.


Process Time:


Total process time for USA Student visa takes around 60 days.


Visa Fee:


  • F1 Student Visa Fee: $160.
  • J1 Visa: $160.
  • M1 Visa: $160.