Australian Student Visa


Study in Australia is one of the most precious ways to know the living style about Aussies as well as to get the high level of education with practical skills. Australia is also known as a best target to the students because it is replete with high class universities with high class education level.  Moreover, there are training institutes and language schools through which the students are supported. This is not only for the Aussie students but it is also at the International level. Australia welcomes the students worldwide and Pakistani students are not exceptional. 


If you are also longing for having the stay in Australia and want to get the better study opportunity than Australian student visa is the way that makes your dreams come true. Australian Student Visa guide for Pakistani students is the way which makes sure a student that how to be eligible for getting Australian student visa. At you get the complete guide that how to apply for Australian study visa from Pakistan.

How to Apply

For study in like Australia, you must want to apply for both of the admission to an organization and for a student visa too, from the Australian Government.

There are a number of steps you need to undergo including:

• Deciding on your favorite course and institution.
• There’s a selection of entry requirements you will have to fulfill both for you institution program along with your visa application.
• Proof of funds to support your study.
If you are living or working in Australia, you might still have the ability to use to study here as an international student.

Appointed Education Agents

Education agents in your home state may also assist you with applying to study in Australia. It's a requirement under the ESOS Act, that all associations maintain a list of the appointed agents and for that listing to be published on their site. Please visit the institution's site where you would like to study to look at a list of the agents near you.

The procedure of Australia Student Visa & Admission

• International students that are eager to study in Australia first have to apply for admission to an institution before applying for a student visa. There is number of steps involved in this process such as:
• Selecting the preferred course and establishment
• Obtaining and accepting an offer letter
Applying for Student Visa (Subclass 500), Student Guardian Visa (Subclass 590)

Document Required

In way to apply for your visa, you will need to follow the steps given below;
The Department of Home Affairs website includes a document Checklist feature that will provide you with a list of documents necessary for your precise conditions. Usually, students must submit the following:
•   Paid visa application fee -- currently AU$560 (~US$430) in many cases
• May be asked to provide their passport)
• Certificate of Enrolment or Letter of Offer
• Proof of adequate funds
• Proof of health insurance cover
• English proficiency test results
• Criminal record check results
• Four recent passport-sized photos
After you've constructed and scanned your supporting files, you should create an account and apply with the internet Immi Account application program.
Most visa applications take four weeks to process. If you study in Australia for a course that is longer than 10 months and finishes at the end of an Australian academic year (usually mid-December) your visa will normally be valid until 15 March the next year. If your course is more than 10 months and finishes in January to October, your visa will normally be valid for 2 months after the completion of your program.
Under some conditions, it might be possible to apply for a further visa at the end of your course (consult the Department of Home Affairs website for more information).

Visa Fees & Processing Time

• A visa application charge is the quantity of money in Australian dollars (AUD) that has to be paid for a visa application. Estimate the cost of your visa using the present visa pricing table or pricing estimator.
• All payments for visa applications lodged by mail from the USA have to be paid by credit card in Australian dollars (AUD).
• Please be aware of the underpayment requirements:
• Complete all details on the credit card details page inside the application form. Incomplete payment information may cause your application to be deemed invalid and returned to the applicant.
• A credit card surcharge can apply.
• Contact your bank before lodgment to prevent a declined payment. Transactions will appear in Australian dollars paid to an Australian organization. Applications with diminished payments will be deemed invalid and returned to the applicant.