France Student Visa


For getting study permission into the France all the countries except EU Countries need a student Visa. As we know that Pakistan does not belong to EU so the Pakistani students need a student Visa for starting their education in France. France is one of the most beautiful and rich opportunities countries of the world. France also offers high quality education to the Foreigner students. There are almost all kinds of Study programs are teaching by the Universities and colleges by France. But an issue our Pakistani students get that how to apply for Student visa.


France Student Visa guide for Pakistani students offers by to all those who are really interested to apply for France Student Visa. The basic about the visa is that France offers student of three major types. These types are included Short Stay Study Visa, Temporary Long Stay Visa and Long Stay Visa for international as well as Pakistani students.

How to Apply

It is an important fact to be kept in mind that the campus application you filled online is incomplete access to the visa authorities and there is any fault or lie found there, it will result in a drop of your visa application.
1. Decide on a University to apply to and receive your approval letter
If you are still not sure where you want to study in France, You'll need to decide before you can begin your student visa application procedure. After being approved in a French university, you will find an acceptance letter necessary for visa application.
Nationals from a number of homelands will apply for their French student visa concluded Campus France, the country's official federal facility for higher learning and international students. Those students would also have been required to utilize Campus France to apply to their preferred French associations, via the CEF procedure. See this list of states to discover in case you will need to apply for both your visa and your entrance this way.
Then you'll be guilty of your college program and your student visa program. Only once you've traditional acceptance on a program at a French institute will you succeed to apply for your student visa for France.
The French consulate in your home country and give them the following, when asked:
• An official approval letter on an accredited program in a French institution. This ought to be on officially headed paper, including your complete details, the specifics of your program of study and also the beginning and finish dates of study.
• The current amount required is $615 (US$820) a month, which is revealed with a bank statement, a guarantor's letter or a note of financing from a loan, grant or scholarship.
• Often this is in the shape of the real ticket or reservation showing the date of death, but maybe a handwritten statement of intent, such as planned departure dates.
• Could be shown in the kind of student housing confirmation or a certificate of board and lodging or ‘attestation d'accueil' (if you are living with relatives or friends).
• Evidence of proficiency in French, if you're analyzing a French-language course.

Document Required

In way to apply for your visa, you will need to follow the steps given below;
Candidate Complete the College/ university application procedures before starting the visa application procedures. In order to apply for admission at any campus in France you had to apply by two ways. Your College/university application is not complete until you have;
You need to provide two sets of program photocopies
• Extended stay application form for duration of more than 90 days
• Two passport size photos
• A copy of Passport
• A print from your Campus
• France ID number
• Letter of enrollment in the academic Institution
• Cover letter describing the study project and a CV/Resume
• Evidence of funds - tuition fees + a minimum of 615 Euros/month, for the complete academic term
• Evidence of medical insurance with coverage valid in France
• Copy of your round-trip airline ticket (If You're analyzing six months or less) or a one-way ticket if You're studying in France for more than six months)
• OFII form (Office Frances de Immigration et de Integration)
• Proof of residency in France such as a rental, electricity bill, name of land etc. for a minimum of 3 months or even a hotel reservation
• Copy of the CV
• Copies of this academic and degree diplomas, certificates
When you go to your interview, you would be required to Carry all your files in original and a copy of all of the documents.

Visa Fees & Processing Time


The visa processing fee for single entry to France is about PKR.6030. The figure may vary as a change in regulations and rule. The applicant had to pay the amount in Dollars.


The visa process takes approximately 12 to 15 days for a regular And hassle free processing but may change if the application form is incomplete In supplying information of insufficient documents necessary for processing.