Italy Student Visa


Moving to Italy is a good Choice because it can be a great experience to know about the Italian culture along with world famed cuisine, amazing architecture in different ways and several incredible attractions of Italy. From these most beautiful things about Italy the one is that there are many career opportunities offer Italy after study. And Study from Italy is also of high quality as other developed countries offer. Over the year Italy offers the opportunities to the International Students to apply in different fields of study programs. Pakistani students are also allowed to apply in Italy as student. For Pakistani students the student Visa is required for starting study in Italy.


So here is going to provide the Italy Student Visa guide for Pakistani students because without a perfect guideline one cannot get better success in any field of life. Generally, the period of Italy Student Visa process for Pakistani student is 90 days.

How to Apply

Applying for entry at any university/college in Turkey Is the initial step candidate should have to fill an application form for the required course he's ready to study in. The application form should have some educational documents attached to it such as:
1. Your educational levels you have passed before.
2. Language course if required based on the course you're applying it.
3. 3. Admission fee for your course as required by the school for your program.
Once you have submitted your program to the University/college you need to wait you will get your acceptance letter from the school for the course you'd implemented in. Now you had to cover the first-semester fee to the school so as to have the approval letter just then you'll have the ability to apply for the visa. While applying for the visa you needed to fill up the visa application from connected with lots of files and send it to the Turkish consulate in your nation for the processing of your visa application.
When you apply for your visa, among the most important Things you will need to establish is that you can support yourself during your research programmer. For the Netherlands, they ask that you show that you've got available 868 EUR/month either from an outside source or already on your bank accounts.

Document Required

In way to apply for your visa, you will need to follow the steps given below;
All the documents listed below must be provided, where applicable.
Original documents with photocopies or copies which have been certified by an official notary have to be submitted.
Please submit an application with this program. When we have completed processing your application we'll return it to you by courier.
These directions are necessary for us to process your Application as quickly and economically as possible. If these instructions aren't followed there might be delays in processing your application.
Need to contact you to request additional information, depending on the conditions of your case. Are answered completely and correctly.
• Application fee of equal in New Turkish Lira.
• Four passport-sized photos of every person included in the application.
• Turkish ID card of each individual included in the application.
• Family Status Certificate of primary applicant.
• Police certification for every person aged 16 or more Included in the program.
• Proof of your funds for course fees, living expenses
• Proof of your previous studies (e.g. High School)

Visa Fees & Processing Time


To get one entry visa a non-refundable visa program Cost of 48$ US applies to many visa applications.


There may be other expenses which may vary your funding it generally includes medical examination price, police checks and translation of Files in English (if required).