New Zealand Student Visa


New Zealand is a beautiful destination to move for knowing the International culture, beautiful attractions and amazing things because New Zealand is a piece of land that is not surrounded by any other country. However, it is surrounded by seas and is the most glorious and attractive place. This far off place always welcomes other countries people for visits and for other purposes. The best service that this country offers is the study offer. New Zealand welcomes the students from worldwide to come for study purposes. Almost all nationality people including Pakistani people are allowed to move New Zealand for the sake of higher education. About New Zealand it comes to see that if you have completed your travel documents than there is not delay of a single moment.


After the fulfillment of your documents the application process does within no time. New Zealand Student Visa guide for Pakistani students offers by This is a platform which helps the Pakistani students to move abroad easily and safely within no or less time. 

How to Apply

• You must be registered in at least 45 points each session (usually 3 classes of 15 points each). This may exclude Study Abroad and Exchange students who normally enroll in 60 points (usually four classes of 15 points each). If you're analyzing fewer points than the above, please discuss your situation with the staff at Ask Auckland Central, as limitations apply.
• Transcript:
• Please refer to the additional details on page 4 of this visa application form.
• Immigration New Zealand attendance policy states that to qualify for a student visa a student needs a minimum of 96 percent attendance in their past academic year.
• When you haven't fulfilled this condition, you need to apply for your visa in an Immigration New Zealand office (The University won't be able to process your student visa program).
• Important note on academic advancement:
• Migration New Zealand's academic progress rule states that to qualify for a student visa, a student necessity passes at least 75 percent of their classes each semester. If you didn't do this on your last semester, then you have to apply for your visa in a Migration New Zealand office or online (i.e., the University won't be able to procedure your student visa program).
• When you haven't fulfilled Immigration New Zealand's academic progress requirements and want to discuss your situation, please contact an International Student Adviser.
• Please log in to Student Services Online for a copy.
• Current Ph.D. students must be registered for the upcoming year.
Should you change your programme you need to apply for a new Student visa because the programme in your student visa must match your enrolment?
Student visa programs through Ask Auckland Central must for questions about your visa please see Ask Auckland Central. Once your program is ready to submit an appointment you can’t leave New Zealand while your visa request is being treated.
Via Immigration New Zealand (i.e. the University won't be able to procedure your application). You can apply for a one-year student visa if both Semesters are in the exact same abstract year (such as Semesters One and Two, 2018).

Document Required

In way to apply for your visa, you will need to follow the steps given below;
• Application checklist for many students
• New Zealand residential address which must be the identical address registered on Student Services Online.
• Two passport-size photos (less than 6 weeks old).
• You may publish your statement from Student Services Online.
• Proof of Money -- refer to the additional details on page 3 of this visa application form.
• Proof of external travel -- refer to further information on page 3 of this visa application form.
• Your passport (be sure you have blank pages along with your passport does not expire for at least 3 weeks).

Visa Fees & Processing Time


The information below can help you understand the process, timeframes and costs involved in applying for this visa, so you can plan ahead and have the best chance of submitting a full application.