Russian Student Visa


Russia is the largest country of eh world with respect to the area. At the same time there are also some largest qualities Russia shows. From these qualities the most vivid that Russia shows are including on study quality and best career prospectus. Russia offers the best quality higher education to the local as well as International students. Pakistani students are also allowed to go Russia for higher education. Russia Student Visa guide for Pakistani students is available at that enables a Pakistani students about the study policies that issued by the Russia Government and Institutions.


For all international students including EU and non EU the student visa is required for getting permission of study in Russia. Pakistani students also need a student visa Russia Student Visa guide for Pakistani students also provide the knowledge about the applying methods, required documents and visa processes to the Pakistani students. 

How to Apply


There. The procedure for visa registration is quite easy you'll just need your passport together with Russian visa and migration cards (which you get in the edge) and the university’s “overseas department" will submit your records to immigration officials to register your visa.

The process of enrollment takes nearly a week time to get completed. Usually, the registration can be performed for the duration of your visa; but if not, it'll be relatively simple to prolong it if you are still studying in the college.

A foreign student who desires to Research in France will need a France student visa. France has different application ways for student visas which trust on what type of student would like to pursue in France and what's the duration of the program.

Document Required

In way to apply for your visa, you will need to follow the steps given below;
The Second stage to get a student visa to Russia would be to apply for the visa at a Russian embassy or consulate. Prior to applying for a student visa to Russia, a student must check the principles of application and the required visa fees from the Russian embassy in their home country.
Stage 2 – Visa Registration
The third and final phase to following a student arrives in Russia he or she must enroll the student visa in seven days of birth. Normally it's carried out by the University or the educational institute in which the student registered for the course of study.
3. Document Required
Following the final verification from the faculty and receiving the approval letter from the school the applicant must apply for the visa from the Russian consulate situated in their home country.
• The application form in addition to attaching the document needed for processing the application.
• To obtain a student visa you need to submit the visa application form filled up entirely
• Valid National passport with at least two blank pages for visas.
• Two professional photographs on a white background.
• Document showing the purpose of your trip
• Your recent diploma or instructional certificate,
• A confirmation paper of this payment directly from the University or College,
• Proof you had paid your tuition fee and other essential fees to the college you're going to study in.
• Written proof from the faculty as your letter of approval - it ought to be on the letterhead of the faculty and should clearly mention that the faculty name and other essential details.
• Proof showing that you have some level with you to help your stay in Russia.
• International passport (first) and a copy of the front page.
• Official invitation for entry to Russia (first). Please refer to the section on Getting an Invitation for More Information.
• Application form.
• HIV-negative status certification.
• For applicants under 18 years -- parental permission to traveling certified by a no tar

Visa Fees & Processing Time

• For single entrance, the visa fee for 10 days is approximately $70 as for as for 3 working days processing of visa that the fee is 140$. Visa processing won’t start until the consulate had obtained the necessary documents.