UK Student Visa


UK is considered as the largest platform for Study purposes. Every year there are a lot of study applications UK universities receives the example of which is not available anywhere else. Even in the world’s top ranked universities the UK universities are at top of the list. Students around the globe including Pakistani students are allowed to get admission in their subjected study program under eh specified conditions. For non EU including Pakistani students Student visa is required for starting study in the UK. If you are also longing for getting permission to move the UK for higher education and do not want to know the procedure than do not be worried. provides UK Student Visa guide for Pakistani students step by step to the interested students. Generally, there are some visas types exist for international as well as Pakistani students.


      Short Stay Study Visa  

      Sponsor License (Tier 4)

       Child Student Visa (Tier 4)

       General Student Visa (Tier 4)

How to Apply

Based on the kind of UK student visa you are applying for.
An accredited UK University or higher education institution.
Application center in your home country. You can find a listing of UK visa application centers worldwide here. You can also apply for a UK student visa Online via the UK Home Office Visas and Immigration Service website.
• Passport
• Proof That you can pay for your course and living costs
• Evidence Of parental or guardian permission if you are under 18
• Evidence of acceptance on your path
• Proof of Payment of health care surcharge
Coming into the UK for at least 6 months and are out of a number of the countries listed here.
You may check the Normal processing interval for your UK student visa.
You need to have information about whether you have to enroll in your UK student visa decal or letter from the UK Home Office. More information can be found here.
A link to establish an account to make your UK student visa Application online is available here. A hyperlink to figure just how much health surcharge and UK student visa fees you will want to cover are available here.
Required Documents
Language requirements
You will have to be able to possess sufficient English language Skills so as to study a Masters in the UK. This means you must have the ability to speak, comprehend, read and write English without difficulty.
Your college must be satisfied that you are adept in English so as to host your visa.

Document Required

In way to apply for your visa, you will need to follow the steps given below;
Documents required for UK Student Visa: The second-most popular study-abroad destination in the world, the UK welcomes almost half-a-million foreign students each year. Such large amounts are down to a single fact: many UK universities are recorded among the top universities in the world. QS, in actuality, has as many as nine within the top fifty. If you also are planning to study in the UK, 1 advice is to apply early for your student visa. It's because the process is lengthy and complex. You can simplify matters though by maintaining a list of files required for UK student visa convenient. You can use this list as a checklist rather than go off-track.
But let's find out...
• As evidence of your approval at a UK institution, you might submit a letter of approval from the institution rather on official headed paper. The name of the program, duration and price should be clearly outlined on the official letterhead.
1. C) Fiscal sponsor's job, income, funds, etc.) Accommodation and travel plans

Visa Fees & Processing Time

The Expense of a (Tier 4 General) UK student visa depends on where you apply from:
• If you are applying from outside the UK, the price is #322
• If you're already in the UK and are applying from here, you may apply by post for #439 or in person for #839.
• You’ll also have to pay the ‘health' when applying for your visa. The health surcharge is #150 annually (or #75 for 6 weeks or less) for students.
Bear in mind, you must also have the ability to demonstrate you have sufficient money to study and live in the UK. 
Please note: The visa prices are liable to change. Be certain that you check the official recommendations on the UK Home Office site prior to applying.
To find out more regarding the Tier 4 visa, browse the Tier 4 visa requirements.